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Hippo Multipower

Pardus Defence & Security has supported Hippo Multipower in the development of a family of All Terrain Support Vehicles.

From the beginnings at Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) in 2018 to delivering optionally manned ATSVs for the British Army’s Robotic Platoon Project in 2020.

2021 sees the release of the Hybrid Amphibious Wheeled Carrier (HAWC).

HAWC Green

Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics

Pardus Defence & Security represents Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics in the UK to supply Laser Light Modules, Range Finders and Fire Control Systems for the military and police.


CoverSix serves global defence and security customers with specialised and hardened modular structures to provide training facilities and protection for people and equipment against blast, ballistic and forced entry threats.

CoverSix Modular Training Range

Defence Research & Experimentation

Rob O’Connor has a strong pedigree in delivering defence experimentation with the British Army.

Pardus Defence & Security Ltd has supported Soteria Defence and Security (SDS) Ltd in the delivery of a number of research and experimentation projects. 

81mm-mortar firing

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