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CoverSix serves global defence and security customers with specialised and hardened modular structures to provide training facilities and protection for people and equipment against blast, ballistic and forced entry threats.

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Modular Shooting Ranges

A customisable solution for modular shooting ranges. CoverSix can provide an indoor live firing training facility. This allows grouping and zeroing practises to be conducted in barracks and allows guard forces to check zero weapons before assuming their duties. The indoor range minimises the impact of noise on the local environment.

CoverSix and Action Target have collaborated to produce the Arcas Modular Small Arms Range (MSAR). This is a partnership of the global trusted supplier of hardened modular structures for government agencies with the industry leader in modern shooting ranges, bringing the latest technology.


Single and extended modular ranges make it easy to achieve a range of up to three lanes wide and 100m long.
Each module is purpose built to order from new materials for quality and longevity. They are rapidly deployed with minimal infrastructure. Features include:
  • Rifle-rated AR500 steel for critical coverage
  • 7m-100m shooting distances
  • Steel or rubber bullet trap
  • Multiple target and stall options
  • Optional Control Room
  • Sound treatment on walls & ceilings
CoverSix Modular Training Range


The ARCAS DLX turns the modules sideways to gain more space with fewer units. Purpose-built modules that support every component provide a truly tactical training environment.

ARCAS DLX modules are 12 feet wide and up to 62 feet long to accommodate 14 lanes of uninterrupted space. With wider lanes and higher ceilings the range delivers a suite of equipment and technology to meet your specific training requirements. Features include:

  • 10 foot minimum height, up to 13 foot high
  • 5 foot lane width, up to 8 foot wide
  • Meet requirements of IBC and US DoD URC 4-179-02
  • Full ballistic containment
  • 25 year design life
  • Low transportation and on-site assembly costs
  • All amenities of traditional construction available  
Viewing Bunker

Viewing Bunkers


Modular Training Facilities

Protect and train assets around the globe in a modular structure.

Train and prepare defence personnel and first responders to the rigours of their mission.

Live- fire shooting ranges, close quarters combat facilities, viewing bunkers, Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) facilities and skills houses are available in modular form. Engineered to industry leading safety specifications, facilities are personalised to your exacting requirements using successfully tested designs.

Options include:

  • Modular Small Arms Range (as above)
  • Viewing Bunkers
  • Close Quarters Combat
  • Military Operation in Urban Terrain
  • Skills Houses
  • Hardened Control rooms


Ammunition & Explosive Storage Magazines

Modular Storage Solutions

  • Rugged ¼ inch steel construction with tamper-proof door hinges and dual padlocks.
  • Meet or exceed specifications as follows:
    ATF specs
    27 CFR 555.208
    DoD 5100.76M
    AR 190-11
    OPNAVINST 5530.13C
  • Moisture & heat damage prevention via sidewall ventilation. Vents are screened to prevent pests and sparks from entering and shielded to maintain ballistic-resistance building envelope.
  • International Standards – ASTM D6199 is met by lining the interior with a minimum of 3 layers of wood to prevent storing directly against the side walls.
CoverSix Munitions Magazine

Fully customisable ammunition & explosive storage solutions.

Find out more about Explosive & Ammunition Storage

CoverSix Guard Shack

Guard Shacks provide protection from blasts, ballistics and forced entry.


Access Control Points & Security Facilities

Delivering functional solutions to secure access. Visitor control centres and guard shacks.

  • Protection for security personnel and guards from blasts, ballistics & forced entry.
  • Fully customisable, modular security facilities ideal for security & surveillance operations.
  • Buildings can be outfitted with latest in access control and video surveillance systems.


Blast Resistant Modular Customisable Buildings

Unparalleled standards for strength and safety.
Protection from blasts, ballistic threats or natural disasters include:
• Range Facilities
• Command Centers
• Emergency Management Facilities
• Offices
• Controlled Entry Points
• Barracks
• Medical Facilities
• Data Centers
• Storm Shelters

Manufactured off-site to enable site work to be completed concurrently resulting in high quality construction and timely project schedule.

CoverSix Modular Building

Blast Resistant Modular Building

Embassy Consulate Building

Embassy & Consulate Buildings


Embassy & Consulate Buildings

Hardened Alternative Trailer Systems (HATS)

With blast, forced entry and ballistic resistance these buildings exceed design criteria for high explosive charges.

They can be used as data storage units, medical facilities, technical operation centres, offices, safe havens or housing.

  • Tested to DoS SD-STD-01.01 Revision G.
Compound Access Control (CAC) Facilities
Built to house pedestrian screening and x-ray equipment or to be used as guard booths for pedestrian and vehicle inspections.
Forced Entry Ballistic Resistant (FEBR) Facilities
8′ x 20′ and 8′ x 40′ single and multi-section designs certified to both 15 and 60 minute FEBR.
Containerised Housing Units (CHUs)
Low-cost living and office spaces constructed from modified shipping containers. Can be shipped commercially and stacked at embassy sites to provide large housing complexes. Units include beds or desks along with bathrooms, lighting and climate control systems.
Mail Screening Facilities
A safe location to sort and inspect mail arriving at consulates and embassies. Built with a primary and secondary screening room. The secondary room includes a biological safety cabinet to protect the compound from potential exposures.
Compound Emergency Sanctuaries (CES)
A temporary shelter or safe haven engineered to provide protection during an attack. In addition to protection from ballistics and forced-entry attacks it can include chem bio filtering for the threat of chemical attack.

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